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Lighthouse Affects on Tour

From community centers and cafe’s, to hotel lobbies, truckstops, chambers of Commerce, rural towns, concerts, drive-in theaters, and indigenous reservations; these pop-up art galleries are an invitation to welcome all perspectives and help us to gently heal, hear and find one another with further ease. 

Beginning May 10th, 2022, Lighthouse Affects will be hosting pop-up art galleries based on the artwork from my dream for Lighthouse Affects. I will be touring across the United States to invite a series of conversations for humans across all ages, political spectrums and belief systems, to learn skills for gentle connection. 

In the past few years, we’ve all witnessed some level of emotional upheaval. From the death of family and friends to the mental, physical and emotional health challenges many have faced as both individuals and as a nation  We all deserve skills to be able to process hard times. 

On behalf of my commitment to enrich emotional wellness through ongoing outreach, I’ll be offering individuals and groups an opportunity to play, process and gain perspective for empathy, and compassion. 


By practicing simple techniques, each of us become better able to relate to one another and build communities of deep integrity. 

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This first leg of my tour will be with the The Caravan. If you have people/places/businesses/establishments that you would like me to visit or resources on the road, please reach out!

If you’d like to support me on the road, click below to learn more.

My deepest gratitude! 

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