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Everyone involved in this tour is a volunteer, and this project is entirely self-funded. We are deeply grateful for any and all donations.

Donations will go toward offsetting the out-of-pocket expenses for the tour, as well as enhancing the events.

  • Gas/upkeep of vehicle 

  • Hotels/Air BNB

  • Healthy Food 

  • Making this my main “job”

  • Keeping it “free” for the people 

  • Tent for art gallery 

  • Tent and camping supplies

  • Solar party lights

  • Folding Table

  • Chairs

  • Art supplies 

  • Candles

  • Business attire 

  • Wrapping the truck so people have an easier time finding me on the road

Sound Bath Instrumentation​

  • Gong 

  • Wind chimes 

  • Yoga mats and cushions 

  • Crystal singing bowls

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