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  • A signed proposal with terms and paid deposit is required to schedule studio time.

  • Purchased studio time must be used within 12 months of initial deposit.

  • All payments are final and non-refundable. 

  • If technical difficulties occur, it is the discretion of Silverbirch Management to reschedule or provide unused hours in the future. 


If a Client needs to reschedule a session, the Client must notify Silverbirch Management 48 hours or more in advance of the scheduled session to avoid forfeiting the Client’s deposit.


If the Client needs to cancel their studio time with no intention to reschedule, please notify Silverbirch Management immediately. The initial deposit is forfeited and non-refundable for all cancellations.


Session times are scheduled specifically for the Client. If the Client arrives late, for any reason, the session may be shortened or rescheduled in order to accommodate the schedule of the Studio and Engineer. It is the discretion of the Engineer to determine if there is enough time remaining to begin the session. Regardless of the actual length of the Client’s session, Client will be responsible to pay for the entire session. 


Silverbirch Studios uses multiple industry standard software programs for tracking/mixing. The Client is responsible for verifying the compatibility of any stems/session files the Client would like to use during a session. Client session files can be delivered using an external hard drive or digitally using GoogleDrive or WeTransfer. Contact Silverbirch Management or your session engineer for where to send files.


To ensure the safety of all equipment, only studio personnel are permitted to handle Silverbirch Studios equipment. This includes microphones, cables, converter boxes, acoustic panels, and all control room equipment. If the Client handles Silverbirch equipment resulting in damage, Client will be held financially responsible for the repair and/or replacement of all damaged equipment. 


Food and drink, other than water in a sealable container, is prohibited in the tracking room and control room. No liquids of any kind are allowed on or around the console. Client is liable for any and all damage caused by negligence, recklessness, or misconduct of the Client or the Client’s crew or guests.


Due to the limited space in the control room please notify Silverbirch Studios ahead of the session if the Client plans to bring guests. We may not be able to accommodate all guests.


Editing and transferring Client’s files are all done within the Client’s session time. The engineer will provide an mp3 or wav file of the Client’s recorded content prior to the completion of the session. Pro Tools session files (raw session files) will only be provided upon request, and only after full payment for services has been received.


The engineer is entitled to a 15-minute break every four (4) hours to stretch and alleviate ear fatigue, and a 30-minute meal break every eight (8) hours.


With the Client’s approval and at the Client’s discretion, Silverbirch Studios may take a few photos of the session to be shared on Silverbirch Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


After the session is finished, please stay in touch with the engineer and/or producer for any edits or revisions needed. The engineer is not responsible for scheduling any additional sessions. Please contact the Silverbirch Management to schedule additional sessions. 


If the Pro Tools session files are requested outside the session there will be a minimum charge of forty dollars ($40) for Silverbirch to put the session files on the Client’s hard drive or send the files digitally. Files sent digitally must be downloaded within 14 days of being available for download.


Studio Drives are cleared every six (6) months. To ensure Client files are not permanently deleted, be sure to obtain Client files during or soon after the session.


Silverbirch will be in contact with the Client after the session(s) is finished to ensure the project was completed to the Client’s satisfaction, and the experience working in our facility with our team has met the Client’s expectations. Silverbirch often asks for a testimonial to publish on the Studio website.


All edits and revisions completed by Silverbirch are conducted in the studio to ensure the best acoustic environment with the highest quality equipment throughout the post-production process. 


Two rounds of edits are included as part of this proposal, provided the Client has not exceeded the allotted hours for this project as described in this proposal document. Time taken to make edits is part of the allotted hours for this project. We recommend that edits occur after the Client has reviewed and made notes on all recorded material, and within one (1) week of recording. Edits will be made in a timely manner, and at the discretion of the engineer.


If the allotted hours for this project are used prior to or during the revision process, the Client will be responsible for purchasing additional session hours to complete this project. The rate for additional session hours will be determined by Silverbirch.


Please refrain from smoking inside the studio. There is a designated smoking areas on the side of the building. All illegal drug substances and weapons are strictly prohibited at Silverbirch or on the surrounding property. Silverbirch reserves the right to deny entry or refuse business without refund, liability or compensation if any of the above general policies are violated.


Use of Silverbirch logo on any promotional material is strictly prohibited without official written release by Silverbirch Management.


Silverbirch policies and terms are subject to change without notice.

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