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A purpose built studio designed by Wes Lachot and carefully constructed using innovative acoustic principles. We have the capacity to record and produce music and video at the highest level in a setting both inspiring and regenerative.

control room

Soffit mounted ATC studio monitors for fidelity and custom Slatffusor panels across the back wall for diffusion, our control room produces accurate sound for incredible reproduction.

tracking room

Breaking from the concrete bunker style found in many studios. Natural light pours into our tracking room. Tuning panels in front of the windows allow for diffusion or absorption to create the ideal acoustic environment for recording, and an innovative acoustic cloud design creates a predictable sonic environment essential for high-quality recording.


isolation booths

Two separate booths with sight lines to the tracking room. A bass trap in each booth, acoustic clouds above, and pass through wiring for guitar and bass cabinets. Ideal for vocals or instruments.

Studio Layout_edited.jpg

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