Design, Create, Share


A world-class recording and broadcasting facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana designed in collaboration with Wes Lachot. Built with a balance of vintage and modern technologies and natural light in mind, Silverbirch Studios offers a unique experience surrounded by nature. 


For the ancient Celts, silver birch trees represented new beginnings. These beautiful trees were traditionally used to form the maypole for Beltane festivals, around which ancient communities danced in celebration, brought together by music. The silver birch tree – and what it represents – is at the heart of Silverbirch Studios. We celebrate new beginnings and bringing community together through music. Where genres of music meet, we re-discover collaboration and in so doing re-connect with community. 


Our Northeast Indiana community is full of wonderful artists, creatives, and professionals on both sides of the studio glass. We want to support artistic growth through a space that is collaborative and inspiring. Because with investment in community, we create the world we want to live in.