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Audio Recording

Capturing sound with clarity and vibrancy is essential to a great recording. The Silverbirch Studios team has recorded music of rock bands, pop singers, classical and acoustic instrumentals, voiceover actors, hip hop artists and more. Send us a message to book your first session.


Creating professional and polished video is accomplished with three important elements: good lighting, good equipment, and good planning. Our studio offers all three alongside a good location. Our team will also travel to complete filming on location. Send us a message to learn more.

Post Production

There are many facets that go into postproduction for a film project of any size. Our studio is equipped with the essential tools for audio post production: original composition, recording, mixing editing, ADR, and more. We offer a collaborative approach to assist in completing your project. Send us a message for a complimentary consultation.

Mixing & Mastering

Our control room is designed to provide the utmost clarity for precise mixing and mastering, and our skilled engineers can maximize the quality of your final track with an efficient workflow. Send us a message to schedule time with our team.


Live Broadcast

Our facility is fully equipped to broadcast live in an acoustically controlled environment. Through our team of videographers and lighting designers, our tracking room transforms into an intimate live concert venue or television studio. Contact us to book your next show.

Voice Over

Top of the line microphones and dedicated booths allow for the ideal controlled space. Video monitors can be connected in any of our rooms for an easy experience. Send us a message to learn more.

Producing & Songwriting

If you are looking for help in creating your sound or guidance to finish a song, our producers can take your idea and turn it into a meticulously written song with lyrics, music, the works. Contact us with any questions you have.


We have performed and recorded with a number of exceptional musicians who bring a breadth of experience to all genres of music. You can take advantage of our team of musicians to bring a new dynamic to your recording. Contact us for more information.

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